The Shirt


CS Garment, Inc., has made a significant emphasis on the collars. In all the stages of its assembly line, the collar has been considered the most important element among men’s dress shirts fine points due to its overall styling. The Company understands that the collar itself draws interest to the man’s face as well as giving an intuition of shaping it. Our collars are so well made that the shirts we produce are equally good both with and without a tie.

The Company’s focus on the production of collars distinctively compliments both to the physical facial structure and fashion trends. Collars we produce balance our shirts that are designed to look and feel relaxed, featuring very masculine-looking fabrics that crease naturally in wear.

Stitching applied on our collar defines a lot about the quality of clothes CS Garment, Inc. produces, enough to support iconic brands that have made huge strides in the world of designer brands and influence the clothing choices of the upper-class.


Cuffs are also well defined in the Company’s products. Our highly skilled, quality driven personnel employ lots of care and craftsmanship required to attain such quality. Our Barrel cuff involves a single button or double button already attached to hold the cuff points together while our elegant French cuffs give an overall feel over the barrel cuffs, giving a more formal finishing for the shirt.

Cuffs produced by CS Garment, Inc. have positioned clients as a premium-brand, selling well-designed and expensive products through their clean, tailored collection lines.