The Company prides itself with a highly-skilled workforce well-versed in shirt production, quality control, pattern making and technical matter by utilizing avant-garde tools and processes. The Company employs individuals who has passed screening, interviews, actual applicable trial testing, and series of test batteries. Only those that are qualified are taken in for only the best sewers can create the finest quality shirts.

Aside from securing best persona thru recruitement and hiring, the company, since 1995, has implemented its Dual Training System (DTS) Program which aims at developing the skills and competencies of the youth through theoretical and practical training.  DTS produces multi-skilled and proficient workforce, giving graduates the opportunity for employment locally and abroad.

Employees in all departments are always being prepared for new responsibilities in order that someday, they may be able to take on a new position. Because of this, an employee can be borrowed from one department to another as contingency measure.